Estalitha Events 

Estalitha is a National & International Business for

weddings/events planning and designing.Our service delivery thrives on excellency, uniqueness and creativity. Our Clients are at the core centre of our service delivery through building and maintaining relationships that are based on empathy, respect and dignity.

Our business core values is to treat others equally and fairly in respect

of their age, race, culture, ethnic background, beliefs, religion and sexual

orientation. This is through Partnership and Networking. Furthermore,

we have a dedicated team with adequate knowledge, expertise, accreditation  

and experience of over 10 years  within the Finance, Contract Management and Hospitality, Events and Customer Services Industry who will manage any potential challenges though out the weddings/events that we plan.

Estalitha Event has a strong certified list of vendors  with a high reputation for clients looking for DJs, MCs, Make Up Artists, Caterers,Decorations, Mobile Event Day Cares, Entertainment, Transport, Accommodation including other special requests. In addition, we offer costumes, outfits and wedding dress shopping assistance regardless the geographical locations. Our international customers enjoys utilising such services. 

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The Small Details

Estalitha Events has the ability to spot problems before they develop further. This includes the ability to mediate between couples and their family should the need arise. This is beyond and above the client and supplier mediation services we provide through our expert legal team.We always stay calm and collected in every stressful situations.