Certified & Approved Suppliers

Finding Highly Recommended Suppliers

Why risk to make a full payment before the delivery of services when you are not guaranteed to receive high quality of services. Work with our approved list of suppliers and 30% of your advance total cost/full payment will be withhold from the supplier until the completion of the service delivery to your satisfactory standards. In the event of a poor service delivery for any reason, following up an investigation using a dispute resolution process and based on the outcome the full or part of the withheld 30% funds will be refunded back to you.Our mediation services are not biased and independent from the suppliers and more reliable compared to the suppliers' refund policies. The mediation services we provide are way more cost effective as we have an excellent team of legal experts that we work with. Also, the mediation services comes at no cost to our clients!!!

Dinner Table

Unlimited Suppliers Approved List

We work with suppliers from catering, cake makers, florists, make up artists, hair stylists, events decorators, events coordinators for the day, entertainment, DJs, photographers and videographers. We will provide an unlimited list of options for our clients to chose from accompanied with an evidence based portfolio to select from. In other cases to provide reassurance to our clients we offer an opportunity to verify the capability or competence of the selected supplier by having a conversation with one of our other clients that would have previously utilised the services from that specific supplier of interest.

A Sample of Suppliers Work